After Meat will be released on November 16, 2021

It’s done. The new title is After Meat–it’s more distinguishable, memorable, and powerful. It leans into the science fiction imagery that I’m unafraid to broach when discussing the future of food. I love it. A variety of formats will be available: Hardback Paperback Digital (EPUB/Kindle) Audiobook (not yet started; subject to release on a later… Continue reading After Meat will be released on November 16, 2021

Book update (4/25/2021)

The reorganization and line edits are done! We’re at the final stretch. Next up is the final read through, copy edit, and book design. It’s looking like late Summer or early Fall will be the official release date. There’s also a new title, but I won’t disclose it publicly until the new cover is finished.

Avoiding Blighttown (a book update)

One of my favorite video games is 2011’s Dark Souls of the action, fantasy genre (think knights and wizards). Even though Dark Souls is regarded as one of the greatest, most influential video games of all time, it was and still is polarizing for its steep difficulty. Dark Souls demands both skill and attention. Your… Continue reading Avoiding Blighttown (a book update)

Finished An Entire Book Draft

After a long journey, spanning 2-3 years, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished a full draft of The Future without Animal Products. It’s been difficult, humbling, provoking, and gratifying. To celebrate, I’m sharing the final cover illustrated by the talented Julia Allum. I will pursue a few rounds of revisions. Thankfully, the hard part… Continue reading Finished An Entire Book Draft

Progress Update and Preview Pic

Happy New Year! Chapters 1 through 3 have been reviewed by my friend, Will Roderick, and editor Brandon at Affordable Editors. I sincerely appreciate their feedback — both of them challenged some of the ideas and help clarify/slim down the sections. The manuscript is better for having entered their hands. A few days ago, I… Continue reading Progress Update and Preview Pic

Looking for an editor

I’m soliciting an editor for a forthcoming non-fiction book The Future without Animal Products. If you know someone interested, please send this way. Synopsis Animals are terrible technology and will be replaced. They grow slowly, require a lot of resources, and are difficult to innovate. It is simply a matter of development before newer, better… Continue reading Looking for an editor

Book’s Table of Contents and progress update

Over the past year or so, I’ve been working on the book The Future without Animal Products. Book writing has been proceeding. I’ve experienced lulls, where I inch forward over weeks. I’ve experienced flurries where I’m wholly entranced, only aware to the screen in front of me. I still have much more to do, but… Continue reading Book’s Table of Contents and progress update

An update

EDIT (March 17, 2019): Phaedra reached out to me to assure that reviews were not manufactured by her. I’ve struck out that point. I acknowledge the length of time preceding this belated update. In late Spring, I had accepted a position at a startup (Spero Foods) that commenced August 1st. The startup was in the… Continue reading An update