After Meat is now released and available at most online retailers! Here are some links:

The audiobook version is coming along well, but it’s going to be at least a couple of weeks before it’s available publicly.

Two pieces of noteworthy media developed since the last post:

  • The Kirkus Book Review – The reviewer summarizes the book and its appeal quite well. I love the penultimate line about how this transition is really another tech upgrade. That’s a beautiful and succinct way to couch the overall takeaway. This review is now the default link I send to explain After Meat to someone.

    The poor Multiverse chapter has yet another detractor. Even in the Appendix, he couldn’t escape the reviewer’s wrath.
  • Technical Outrage” – This is a post I wrote for Faunalytics to summarize some key points of After Meat. It’s a solid TL;DR for chapters 3-4, i.e. the heart of the technological argument against animal products.

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